Upcoming events for the BETA Lorraine Lab (updated daily - last update 18/09/2021 )

Info covid: All the seminars and meetings of the academic year 2020/2021 will be available by videoconference: members of the laboratory → use Microsoft Teams with your account at the University of Lorraine; visitors → access to the link https://lef-nancy.org/perm/join. Depending on the health situation and the choices of each speaker, the seminars can take place with (1) the speaker present as usual; (2) the speaker connects via videoconference and the audience is present in the room or (3) only by videoconference. Specific information will be provided in the forthcoming of each seminar.

Date et heure de débutTitleLieu
05/10/2021 14:00Séminaire - Jean-Philippe Boussemart (LEM) "Value efficiency and its decomposition into direct price and quantity effects"Baron-Louis
12/10/2021 14:00Séminaire - Arnaud Abad (INRAE, BETA) "A Generalization of Environmental Productivity Analysis"Baron-Louis
19/10/2021 14:00Séminaire - Romain Gauriot (NYU Abu Dhabi) "How Market Prices React to Information: Evidence from Binary Options Markets"Baron-Louis
09/11/2021 14:00Séminaire - Julien Wolfersberger (UMR Economie Publique) "Roads, Development and Deforestation"Jacamon 2
16/11/2021 14:00Séminaire - Bertrand CRETTEZ (CRED) "On the Preservation of Illegal Street Art"Baron-Louis
23/11/2021 14:00Séminaire - Benjamin Monnery (EconomiX) "Does the International Criminal Court Reduce Violence Against Civilians?"Baron-Louis
30/11/2021 14:00Séminaire - Romain Espinosa (CREM) "The efficiency of animal-welfare policies"Baron-Louis
07/12/2021 14:00Séminaire - Pierre FLECKINGER (PSE) "Collective Quality"Baron-Louis
14/12/2021 14:00Séminaire - Frederic Koessler (PSE) "Information Design by an Informed Designer"Baron-Louis
11/01/2022 11:00Séminaire - Guilhem LECOUTEUX (GREDEG)
25/01/2022 11:00Séminaire - Laurent Ferrara (SKEMA Business School)
01/02/2022 11:00Séminaire - Kelly Cobourn (Virginia Tech)
22/02/2022 11:00Séminaire - Nina HESTERMANN
01/03/2022 11:00Séminaire - Oliver Bos (LEMMA)
08/03/2022 11:00Séminaire - Gianfranco Gianfrate (EDHEC Business School)
15/03/2022 11:00Séminaire - Marie-Laure Allain (CREST)
22/03/2022 11:00Séminaire - Stéphane Couture (MIAT INRAE)
29/03/2022 11:00Séminaire - Urszula SZCZERBOWICZ (Banque de France)
26/04/2022 11:00Séminaire - Yann Giraud (AGORA)
03/05/2022 11:00Séminaire - Olena Havrylchyk (CES)
24/05/2022 11:00Séminaire - Aurélien BAILLON (ERIM)
07/06/2022 11:00Séminaire - Christophe HURLIN (LEO)

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