Upcoming events for the BETA Lorraine Lab (updated daily - last update 31/10/2020 )

Info covid: All the seminars and meetings of the academic year 2020/2021 will be available by videoconference: members of the laboratory → use Microsoft Teams with your account at the University of Lorraine; visitors → access to the link https:/lef-nancy.org/perm/join. Depending on the health situation and the choices of each speaker, the seminars can take place with (1) the speaker present as usual; (2) the speaker connects via videoconference and the audience is present in the room or (3) only by videoconference. Specific information will be provided in the forthcoming of each seminar.

Date et heure de débutTitleLieu
02/11/2020 16:00Grande conférence du BETA - Antoine BOZIO (PSE)Webseminar
03/11/2020 14:00Séminaire - Antoine BOZIO (PSE) "Follow the Money! Combining Household and Firm-Level Evidence to Unravel the Tax Elasticity of Dividends"Nancy, WebSeminar
10/11/2020 14:00Séminaire - Avner SEROR (AMU, AMSE) "A Theory of Cultural Revivals"Web only
24/11/2020 14:00Séminaire - Gauthier VERMANDEL (Dauphine, LEDa) "Green Asset Pricing"Nancy, Campus Rue Baron Luis
01/12/2020 13:30Réunion de section ou de licenceNancy, Campus Rue Baron Luis
08/12/2020 14:00Séminaire - Mohammed ABDELLAOUI (CNRS, HEC Paris/GREGHEC) "Titre a venir"Nancy, Campus Rue Baron Luis
15/12/2020 14:00Séminaire - Louis-Gaëtan GIRAUDET (Ponts ParisTech, CIRED) "How to regulate procurement markets for externality-generating goods? A refreshing perspective on Pigovian taxation."Nancy, Campus APT, Salle Jac 2
05/01/2021 14:00Reunion de laboNancy, Campus APT, Amphi A
12/01/2021 14:00Séminaire - Béatrice CHERRIER (Cergy, THEMA) "Titre a venir"Nancy, Campus APT, Amphi G
19/01/2021 14:00Séminaire - Marie-Hélène BROIHANNE (EM Strasbourg, LaRGE) "Testing spouses gender gap in subjective financial literacy."Nancy, Campus Rue Baron Luis
25/01/2021 16:00Grande conférence du Beta - Marie Claire VILLEVAL (CNRS, GATE)Nancy
26/01/2021 14:00Séminaire - Marie Claire VILLEVAL (CNRS, GATE) "The Way People Lie in Markets"Nancy, Campus Rue Baron Luis
02/02/2021 14:00Séminaire - Chloé LE COQ (Paris 2, CRED) "Titre a venir"Nancy, Campus APT, Amphi G
09/02/2021 14:00Séminaire - François LIBOIS (PSE) "Man Overboard! Industrial Fishing as Driver of Out-Migration in Africa"Nancy, Campus Rue Baron Luis
16/02/2021 13:30Réunion de section ou de licenceNancy, Campus Rue Baron Luis
09/03/2021 14:00Séminaire - Aurélie MÉJEAN (CNRS, CIRED) "Titre a venir"Nancy, Campus APT, Amphi G
16/03/2021 14:00Séminaire - Adam ZYLBERSZTEJN (Lyon 2, GATE) "Titre a venir"Nancy, Campus Rue Baron Luis
23/03/2021 14:00Séminaire - Clément NEDONCELLE (INRAE, Eco Pub) "Temperatures and Firm-level Exports"Nancy, Campus APT, Amphi G
30/03/2021 14:00Séminaire - Sandrine MATHY (CNRS, GAEL) "Is the impact of transport modes on health an individual determinant of transport mode choice?"Nancy, Campus Rue Baron Luis
06/04/2021 14:00Reunion de laboNancy, Campus Rue Baron Luis
20/04/2021 14:00Séminaire - Aurélien BAILLON (Erasmus Rotterdam) "Follow the money, not the majority: Incentivizing and aggregating expert opinions with Bayesian markets"Nancy, Campus Rue Baron Luis
04/05/2021 14:00Séminaire - Jean-Denis MATHIAS (INRAE, LISC) "Titre a venir"Web only
11/05/2021 13:30Réunion de section ou de licenceNancy, Campus Rue Baron Luis
08/06/2021 14:00Séminaire - Aurélien EYQUEM (Lyon 2, GATE) "Titre a venir"Nancy, Campus Rue Baron Luis
22/06/2021 00:00Séminaire - Roberto GALBIATI (CNRS, Sciences Po) "Titre a venir"Nancy, Campus Rue Baron Luis
29/06/2021 13:30Réunion de sectionNancy, Campus Rue Baron Luis
05/07/2021 10:00Reunion de labo + BarbecueNancy, Campus APT, Amphi A

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